The common malaise of many food concession businesses is often brought about by its success. On any given day, the number of people ordering a particular favorite food item would eventually lead to supplies running out in the middle of the day. This is a problem that is often mishandled by the food concessionaire owner and operator. Once mishandled, this can lead to losses not only in profit margins but good clientele.

Find Quick Replacements. It is important to identify nearby places where supplies can easily be acquired at a moment’s notice. You also need to be on top of your inventory to be aware of what is needed when the need arises. Proper projections can be thrown out the window once the deluge of clients arrives at your hotdog stand. Once you the supplies run out, have one of your personnel run out to purchase an ample amount of what is needed to cover the demand. It may cost a bit more but you can definitely avoid losing clients along the way.

Up sell Other Items. Up selling is the sales technique of recommending other menu items to replace or add on to what the customer has ordered. It has been observed that many customers are swayed with the food concessionaire’s up selling. This means more ordered items bought by the customer and often they would forget their original order, which is out of stock, and end up with a fulfilling meal.

Pull Out Items. If the nearby stores cannot provide the supplies you need, then you need to pull out items from your menu. The best way to do so is putting up signs on your menu board that the item is not available. Nothing pisses off a customer ordering an item after some thought and then learning that the item is unavailable. Once informed of the unavailable items, up selling may be the option for the food seller to entice the customer to continue patronizing the food concession stand.

As you can see, when supplies run out, all is not lost. You can find stopgap measures from stores nearby. It may cost a little more but this is cost well worth it as it may prevent loss of patrons and clients. You can also up sell other items as replacements for the items unavailable. This keeps the clients within your selling area. If ingredients are definitely unavailable, then prior information of the unavailable items is key so as not to antagonize and alienate your clients and patrons when supplies do run out.

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