Introduction to the Business Guide.

Starting a new hot dog cart business might seem at first to be a daunting task. To help you get started, we have done your homework for you.

Unlike other companies that charge for this help, we offer it free of charge. The Business Guide is designed to lead you through the process of starting up a new hot dog cart business.

It will help you find a good profitable location, show you what licenses and permits you will need, and help you navigate through all the health department requirements.

Finally, the Business Guide outlines the procedures for operating a hot dog stand on a daily business. We have included information on suppliers, suggestions on forms for inventory control and accounting, and even tips on dealing with employees.

It is our hope that by supplying you with this information, you will be more inclined to purchase your hot dog cart from us. We are sure that it will be the beginning of a long and happy business relationship.

For customers in California, please visit our site for details on the requirements for hot dog cart operators in that state.

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