Getting Started in Your New Hot Dog Cart Business

There are basically 8 steps to getting started in the typical American hot dog cart business. These steps involve you doing some necessary preparation work in advance of selling your first hot dog. They are as follows:

1.               Evaluate hot dog vendor locations.

2.              Select the right hot dog cart for you.

3.              Obtain a hot dog cart business license and location permit.

4.              Obtain a health department permit.

5.              Set up suppliers.

6.              Secure financing.

7.              Order your hot dog cart.

8.              Follow the Operations Manual guidelines.

Whereas these steps do not absolutely guarantee success, if you add hard work and determination, it is likely that you are going to start on an enjoyable new career. Let’s break down these 8 steps and fill them in with additional helpful details. Click on the links above to view the detailed sub-sections of this guide.

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