We often get very positive feedback from our customers especially after they have just received their brand new hot dog cart or after a week or two into their new vendor cart business.

Our new customers often rave about the quality construction of their new Willydog hot dog cart. Others tell us wonderful things about our customer service team. Specifically they appreciate the timely detailed advice and quick response to their questions and other inquiries. Sometimes we hear a simple “thanks for the quick call back”. It’s nice to hear and it inspires our team to continue offering top-notch service. We thought we would post some of these so you could get a good feel for what to expect.

If you have some feedback for us on your new hotdog cart or the level of service you received from us, please email Will Hodgkiss, the President and Top Dog here, at willrhodgkiss@aol.com . Then Will would pass on the compliments and make us all feel good about ourselves.

See the following pages on Business Guide index for some examples of notes sent to us by customers.

From L.&V. Rivera

Hi Will:

We received our cart today and I just want to thank you because it is a very nice cart. You really were not kidding when you stated that all your customers were very happy. Well, my husband is very pleased.

Thank you again,

L.&V. Rivera

From Rob. D.

Hi Will:

I picked the unit up this evening and it is fantastic. Just what I wanted and more.

Thanks for making such a great unit. I will mail you some pictures when it is on the bike.

Thanks very much,


Will R Hodgkiss

TSHDC (Times Square Hot Dog Company) completed its first week of operation to an outstanding reception. Advertising starts month of June but word of mouth has kept us busy ALL week. I started talking to people when I first moved to this area six months ago and ever since people have been asking “when are you going to open”. Well, it paid off. Quite a few showed up this week and some more than once. I believe I have the best “dog” in the area and it will only get better from here. My customer base ranges from a former ABC president to migrant workers… you’ve got to love it.


Hi Will!

Well, I spent my first season selling dogs in the park from 11:30 til about 1:00 pm Wednesday to Friday. I had an absolute ball. The time of my life.

I missed my calling, but finally found it last spring. How else can you be the center of attention, “the man” to talk to and be seen with, and still pocket a little cash?

I was open only on nice days, and met folks from all over the world. So I had the tourists and my regulars, plus all the ladies from the Friday farmers’ market.

I should have done it 20 years ago.

Best regards,


From: D. Osborne

To: Will R. Hodgkiss

Thank you for such wonderful creation, the Mini-Willy. I absolutely adore it and am trying it out downtown in Ft.Wayne tomorrow. It just passed the county health department licensing today. The business park location is doing OK and is steadily increasing. I expect it to increase weekly.

The business is mushrooming year after year, this being our 3rd summer season. I am using all 4 carts, believe it or not. Every weekend at least 3 are operational. We catered a church event a couple of weekends ago. The order was for 800 Willy dogs. We did it. My daughter and I pumped out over 100 dogs per hour off one large cart…. It was amazing.

Oh, yes, I finally did it. I quit my job. I am really happy about it.

Thank you for the newsletter and your support.


This is a letter we received from a new cart owner after his first weekend vending from his brand new WillyDog cart. You can tell he is happy and enthusiatic about his new hot dog cart business. Warning! Reading it will make you want to join him!

Hi Will:

I was selling this Sunday and it was a SUCCESS.

I sold 400 pcs of dogs plus soda cans and chips. It was difficult the first hour but I got the hang of it and ran out of things when it was getting really busy. It was a lesson for the next big event. It’s a nice start.

I am going this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to a horse show.

Wish me luck.


Sometimes we receive unusual requests because the WillyDogs hot dog carts are so attractive in appearance. The full size Willydog and the Mini-Willydog cart in particular are very appealing and memorable. They really epitomize the classic American hot dog cart. Here’s an interesting example of the kind of attention these carts get. (Now imagine the impact they will have on your customers!):

From: Emma W. in L.A.


I would be very grateful if you could let me know if any of your franchisees are located in Los Angeles. I work for a record label and one of our bands is having a photo shoot on August 3rd with a major UK magazine. We urgently need to organize the use of a hot-dog cart for a couple of hours on that day to use as a prop for the photos. I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me asap to advise.

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Emma W.

Press Officer

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