Since the sun is out, do look forward to hot mid-afternoon rays while you are at your concession stand. This heat together with the heat generated when you cook your hotdogs would not only help you break a sweat but may even lead to heat exhaustion. Here are some ways that could help avoid health issues for you and your clientele.

Put up shaded areas. Depending on the model of the hotdog cart that you have, having an umbrella would help give shade and thus allowing a cool area for yourself and your patrons. If you have a larger concession stand, then having awnings would help in providing shade against the glaring sun. Shade would help provide respite against the ultraviolet rays and the increased temperatures.

Hydrate. If there are no shaded areas aside from your umbrella, then the next best way to beat the heat is by keeping hydrated. With the increased heat sources, you need to always have a quick drink to allow your body to produce sweat. This bodily process maintains the body’s internal temperature to allow you to keep cool. As for your clientele, offering drinks with their food is their best defense against being overcome by the heat while outdoors.

Location. Another way to beat the heat is by adjusting the location of your hotdog stand during the different times of the day. You can do this by studying your location compared to the sun’s position in the sky during the business day. Since you have a mobile concession cart, adjusting the position of your cart is key to keeping cool. You do this by having the clientele area away from the sun, allowing your patrons some form of protection against the sun’s glaring rays.

As you can see, the sun need not be a nuisance when doing business out in the open. You can put up shade for your clients while they enjoy your hotdogs. Or you can offer water or other cold beverages to help you and your patrons keep cool while enjoying the sun. As an astute businessman, your clientele’s comfort is of primary importance and since you have a mobile restaurant, adjusting your location according to the sun’s position would certainly help in beating the heat while at the concession stand. Not only would you earn with these simple tips, it would also help in keeping your clientele happy and content.

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