The most common way to partake of a hotdog is either by boiling, frying or broiling a hotdog and then placing it in a bun. Afterwards you place condiments and other spices to make the hotdog sandwich a much better tasting meal. Some would some more items like cheese or bacon to accentuate and articulate a more fulfilling meal. From the many possible hotdog recipes, the following are some of the most outlandish hotdog recipes to date.

Hotdog Cheese Quickfire. Here, the hotdogs are cut up to smaller slices, either dime sized or julienne cuts. Then heat oil in a pan and some onions. Once the onions are done, put in the hotdog slices. Cook the hotdogs by frying it and then add catsup to the mix together with a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and a dash of pepper. For the final ingredient, grate cheese over the cooking mixture and once the cheese has melted the dish is ready to eat.

Hotdog Sushi. With the obvious Japanese influence, you would need nori or seaweed, boiled rice, wasabi and mayonnaise. First you need to boil the rice and get the consistency needed for the overall effect. Then you would also need to boil the hotdogs and then cut the dogs lengthwise. Now, get your tatami mat and then layout the nori seaweed and cover it with the rice. Then layout the hotdog strips and some other vegetables you would want. Then spread the wasabi on the hotdog and the mayonnaise on the inside. Then roll the hotdog sushi. Once rolled, cut them into smaller slices and enjoy as is.

Hotdog Fritters. This is obviously influenced by the South. Fry the hotdogs and other vegetables such as potatoes and other greens. Then wrap the fried ingredients together and then dip them into the wet batter and the dry batter. The wet batter is done with buttermilk, eggs and flour while the dry batter is just salt, pepper and breadcrumbs. Be sure that the fritter is amply covered by the wet batter and has soaked up the dry batter. Also, make sure that the oil is very hot to make a crunchy hotdog fritter.

These are but some of the different and some may say outlandish ways to enjoy your hotdogs. Do not be afraid to experiment to find how best you can enjoy your hotdog meal. Just make sure it tastes good and easy to make. With that, you surely won’t lose your way.

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