The Internet was recently flooded with a news item that hotdogs were recently the cause of the choking deaths of children. This caused an up roar, as hotdogs have always been favorite food fare for children. It has also become the centerpiece of many lawsuits that has affected business. In response, advisories have been included in hotdog packaging and since your business is primarily about hotdogs, here are some ways for you to help avoid injury and liability in the operation of your food concession stand.

Small Portions. When you serve your food items, it is best to have them cut up into small pieces. If you have to serve large items such as large hotdogs by the whole, it is best to provide your clients with plastic utensils and paper plates in order to cut up their food. Having cut up portions prevents choking to occur and having utensils available protects you from further liability in the long run.

Available Water. Another way to prevent choking on your food concession stand is to have potable water readily available. This is most especially important for those who purchase your hotdog fare without drinks. It is also important to up sell your drinks for your customers, not only to help famish their thirst but to provide adequate lubrication for their throats as the food passes through their esophagus.

Heimlich Training. This is most probably one of the most important measures that your business can provide to prevent choking deaths. One can engage the services of their local fire department or police authorities to provide Heimlich maneuver training for your employees. This would only take a couple of hours and it is sure to provide your company the necessary training for your clients as well as company’s well being.

While it may seem to be quite far-fetched, many deaths have been reported because of hotdog choking. As a responsible business owner, you need to be adequately prepared for this kind of situation in your business. These include cutting up your food preparations into small portions, having available water or liquid for your clients and having your staff trained for the Heimlich maneuver. These are adequate safeguards for your company and safer and better eating for your clients and customers.

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