1. World’s Best Hot Dog Carts reserves the right to improve and alter specifications without notice.
  2. Most hot dog carts will ship within a day or two. Shipping by either Deringer or it’s affiliates or by other carriers as determined most practical by our shipping broker.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the cart and equipment are exactly what is needed for the area it will be used. We at World’s Best Hot Dog Carts strive to give you exactly what you need. But because we ship all over the world, it is impossible for us to track these ever-changing conditions, rules, laws, bylaws, health, safety, gas, fire, etc, requirements. These requirements may change from time to time and therefore if you do not tell us exactly what you need, we cannot know exactly. Some changes may cost extra. 
  4. Custom work and international orders can take 14 to 60 days, and sometimes longer. We cannot help this, we always do our best. In the event of orders cancelled due to delivery times, there will be a 20% restocking fee. You must also pay for shipping.This includes outbound and return shipping.
  5. Refund policy on standard non-custom orders.Full refund will be given within 10 days of shipping date minus 20% restocking fee and outbound and return shipping. Hot dog carts and equipment must be first return in new condition before refund is issued. No refund on custom orders.
  6. Warranty is one year conditional. We will ship parts, if needed and you may install them. In some conditions at our discretion we will pay for installation of parts if you get a minimum of three quotes and take equipment to the repair facility.