The adage goes, “the customer is always right” and many customers often abuse this term to get an advantage. On the other hand, many others have valid issues with the product or food you provide and thus file consumer complaints. When at the hotdog stand and you encounter one such incident, here are some tips to use in order to resolve the issues right away.

Preserve the evidence. Often, if the condiment is already stale or the hotdog is burnt, the first reaction is to throw it to the trash bin. If the rotten food is served, then at the first instance, you need to keep the food intact. Apologize profusely to the customer and provide an add-on to replace the returned food. Keeping the evidence would determine if the concessionaire was at fault or the purchaser deliberately made the food the subject of the consumer complaint.

Get names. Many consumer complaints consist of invectives and raised voices. In order to get to the heart of the matter, you need to ask for the facts and get the names of the complaining customers. By sticking to the facts, you are able to determine where the fault originated and review how it occurred. This removes the emotions behind the issues and keeps everything under control.

Review Processes. This is essential to avoid the repetition of the complaint. In this review, you can find out how the problem occurred and institute the proper measures to prevent problems from arising. These may be as simple as hand washing procedures to as complicated as the proper settings for refrigeration. This closes the whole consumer complaint process and resolves the issues straightaway.

So when a customer comes up to you with a complaint either of the food you have served or the service provided, then you need to preserve the evidence, get names and later on review processes in order to determine fault and prevent its repetition. If you fail to address the complaint, then this can be the straw that may break your financial back in the long run.

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