A hotdog is not just simply a hotdog anymore. Most often, the hotdog’s personality depends very much on the geography. While in the beginning, a hotdog sandwich is all about boiled hotdog and a heated hotdog bun with some ketchup. The following are some of the best hotdog toppings that can be done right in your own home.

The New York Dog. The New York topping includes a smear of hot mustard with a little sauerkraut. There is even a derivative to this, seeing that the region has a special affinity for hotdogs, is the Coney Island style dog. This preparation includes a foot long hotdog with chili, onions and mustard. An option is the inclusion of cheese.

The Chicago Dog. The Chicago style dog has toppings of mustard, pickle relish, onions, chopped tomatoes and banana pepper rings with a siding of dill pickle. The secret ingredient for these kinds of dogs is the sprinkling of celery salt on the toppings.

The Los Angeles Dog. This is the very different taste of LA captured in a hot dog. Often, the toppings include mustard, mayo, grilled onions, and peppers with shot of hot sauce. Some would even include blue cheese crumbles instead of the mustard and mayo combo. For some hard-core dog lovers, there is a topping of jalapeno peppers that can really fire up your palate.

The Southern Dog. Like many things from the South, the basic taste is barbecued. Thus the Southern dog includes a smear of barbeque sauce, shredded cheddar, bacon bits, onions on top of a grilled dog and bread. An option is the inclusion of corn relish over the top for a true Southern dog delight.

The Mexican Dog. The first step here is wrapping your hotdog with bacon and then grilling the hotdog. Then the toppings would be American cheese, diced cucumber and sour cream. You also put in salsa, some diced avocado and some peppers for a truly Mexican flavored dog.

The Pizza Dog. First you fry your dog and then lay it out on the bun. Afterwards, the toppings would be marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, diced green peppers, onions, black olives and pepperoni for a truly pizza flavored sandwich.

These are but some of the famed toppings used for the more popular hotdogs in the market today. You can make your own, so long as you have the palate and imagination to create your hotdogs that would click with your clients.

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