The adage is the customer is always right in the realm of business. Sometimes, customers claim to be right but are actually wrong and they complain of the services provided them. In order to calm the client and thus save the sale, you and your employees need to be aware on the proper handling of customer complaints. Here are some ways to properly handle customer complaints at your hot dog concession stand.

Listen to the Facts not the Emotion. Since the client would be angry or peeved, you need to listen to what the issue is. Try to keep your calm amidst the emotional outbursts of the customer. Do remember to apologize for the inconvenience and reassure that action would be taken on the complaint.

Action to Take. Once you have obtained all the necessary facts, take the necessary action. If the hotdog needs to be replaced, then replace the item and add on a complimentary item for the inconvenience. Properly note the action taken so that it would be counted in the end of day sales and inventory review of the hot dog business.

Review Processes. Since this problem has come up during the business day, you would need to identify where the problem arose and correct the issue right away. If it is due to employee error, you need to remind the employee of such error and if need be, require further training.

Customer complaints, especially for a small business such as a hotdog concession, can spell doom when word gets around. Thus when a complaint has been made, you need to listen to the facts and not the emotion. Then you need to perform the action that needs be done and then for the long term review processes of the hot dog concession in order to correct the problem and prevent it from recurring. Once these steps have been done, you are now equipped to handle customer complaints at your business.

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