You may think as an entrepreneur that your clock ends after operating hours. Sad to say, you have only started on half of your day. What follows next is the most important part of your day and this is all about checking how your business day was from a business standpoint.

Checking Sales against Inventory. This will only operate if you already have a system for the start of the day, which is a listing of the day’s cash on hand and inventory available. During the business day, all sales need to be recorded as to volume. At the end of the day, you need to check on the amount in the cash register. Then you need to deduct the start of day’s cash on hand to see how the day’s sales are. Comparing that with the items sold for the day, you need to find out if the amounts and the items balance. Then you find out the amount of inventory available by deducting the items sold (and its components) to see what is needed. With this simple system, you would be able to find out if your business is earning and weed out undesirables from your business, such as waste, rejects and losses.

Checking on Utilities. As you operate your business, you would be using up basic utilities required to prepare your hotdogs. These include fuel, paper products and water. With fuel, you can check on it if you have a gauge or by the weight method. In the weight method, you lift the bottle to see if you need to order a refill. As for water, since it is a necessity for preparing the hotdogs and for washing and cleaning. A simple visual examination would suffice for this. As for paper products, you need to determine the volume needed for a day and see if the projected utilization is at par with the actual use. Remind your staff that they need to observe the quantities when serving in order to keep your costs down after your examination.

Checking on Cleanliness and Storage. One of the important aspects of your business is health safety. Since your business is about food, you need to ensure that what you sell is safe and edible. Safety starts at the end of the day, as you need to ensure that all the nooks and crannies of the food preparation and service areas are spic and span. Food particles left overnight would become hotbeds for microbes and other harmful bacteria that can eventually contaminate your food. Health safety also includes proper storage of food and other implements for your business. If these items are not properly stored, vermin may infect them and cause problems for your business. Finally, waste needs to be properly bagged and disposed of at the end of the day. Leaving trash bags filled with refuse will only cause you problems and the wastewater needs to be properly thrown away in drainage areas.

As you can see, there is still much work to be done at the end of the business day. You need to review the sales and inventory performance for the day to see how healthy your business is coming along. You need to review your utilities so that you would not be left hanging for the next business day. Finally, you need to be sure of the cleanliness of your hot dog concession so that you would not have problems in the long run. Doing this each day would make your weekends unharried and stress free.

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