Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. This means being clean and keeping clean is one of the most admired and lauded virtues an individual can retain. This cleanliness is raised to an exponential level when it comes to the food cart business. Here are the reasons why cleanliness and cleaning is important in the food cart business.

Removing food particles. Each food preparation has its own set of ingredients making its unique flavor and presentation. When food particles from one preparation gets mixed with another’s, then the flavors become muted or mixed, making for bad taste and even bad effects in the stomach.

Keeping away germs. Since the food cart is outdoors and subject to the elements, the risk of bacteria and germs getting into the food goes higher. Thus cleaning the food surfaces and other implements needs to be regularly done to remove the build up of these undesirable elements. Often, using a washcloth to wipe the surfaces with water and antiseptic can do the trick so long as you keep the washcloth cleaned and rinsed.

Looking at spoilage. Keeping clean not only is about the surfaces but also the food itself. You need to see the expiry dates for the bread and other perishable items. You also need to be fully aware of temperatures for frozen foods and other heat susceptible items such as mayonnaise and other garnishes. Keeping clean is not just about antiseptics and anti bacterials; it is also about being a good manager of your supplies.

Weekly top to bottom clean up. The everyday clean up of surfaces is not enough when it comes to really cleaning your food cart. Each week, you need to do a top to bottom clean up of your food cart to remove the residue and build up of the past week’s business. You also can see the condition of your cart with this full dress down clean up. Not only it removes the dirt and oil from the nooks and crannies of your food cart, it also keeps your food cart in great pristine condition.

The adage remains true especially for the food cart business. A good clean cart is an effective marketing tool as well as makes your service nice and tasty. The basic cleaning technique of wiping surfaces of food particles is the first step in keeping your food and food cart clean. You also need to keep away germs and bacteria from your food by looking out for spoilage and residue build up. Finally, you need to do a weekly top to bottom clean up to ensure your food as well as your service is free and clean of bacteria. It is in keeping clean that one can become a success in the food cart business.

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