For an entrepreneur in the food concessionaire business, the winter season is one of the most dreaded times of the year. As the business is done outdoors, the snow and the wind chill is a definite damper for those who want to order from your hot dog stand. How then would your business be able to earn with the cold season? Here are some of the ways that you can earn and keep your business afloat during these lean months.

Adjust Your Menu. You need to attune your menu to the changing season. As it is colder, people need to get warm and thus you need to have options of hot food and drinks in your menu. These may include many different kinds of coffee or hot juice drinks. You can also include other food that heat up the body when taken, such as spice and soups on your hot dog stand. It may seem to be a stretch for your hotdog cart but this is just for a few months in the year to keep your business afloat.

Try Deliveries. As they said, if the Mohammad cannot come to the mountain, then let the mountain come to Mohammad. In this case, if your clients cannot come to you, then having an extra hand to bring their orders to their desks or workplaces would be the way to go. This may entail extra expenses, such as a delivery person and a phone, but this investment can ensure your business’s survival through the lean months. This may even be the sort of expansion your business needs in order to make things better for you.

Cut Back. Some times in life, as in business, you need to take one step back to move two steps forward. In this case, weather permitting, you need to open and service your clientele. When the wind chill is below zero and there are sheets of snow on the streets, you need to close up shop for days at a time. These include lowering the hours you are open and the days that you serve your clients. These are the lean times, but you need to tighten your belt to get over the hump.

As you can see, the winter chill will definitely put your earning capacity in the freezer. There are some ways to be able to survive these lean months. These ways include adjusting your menu, trying deliveries for your clientele and cutting back on hours of operation. Do remind yourself that these are only temporary measures in order that your business would be able to survive the winter chill.

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