The business of hot dog concessions is broken into two major schools. The schools are differentiated by the kind of workplaces they provide for their workers and the eating areas the clients can patronize. The first school is a hotdog stand while the second one is a hotdog cart. There has been an ongoing debate on which one is a better business. This article serves to end that debate and illustrate why hotdog carts are better than hot dog stands.

Hot dog carts are more durable. Hot dog carts are often made out of durable stainless steel. Their design is adjustable to allow a differentiated design to answer all the needs and requirements of the locality’s health standards. It is easy to clean and very versatile. The hot dog stand on the other hand is often made of wood and is limited to the ability of the structure to handle the content load. This limits the options available to the offerings that a hot dog stand can provide unlike what a hot dog cart can provide.

Hot dog carts are mobile. Many hot dog carts are placed unto a trailer with wheels. This makes them transportable via towing them on a truck or car. It is this mobility that differentiates it from a hot dog stand. A hotdog stand once built cannot be moved to another location. This limits the client base of a hot dog stand. The mobility of hot dog carts is its biggest asset as it makes for more options for business. It can easily be packed and moved at a moment’s notice and be up and running in no time at all.

Hot dog carts are better protected. The whole body of the hotdog cart is made of stainless steel. This makes them better protected against rodents and other vermin. The steel can discourage them from rending and burrowing into your food supplies. On the other hand, hot dog stands are made of wood and other light materials. This makes them easy to attack and invade. Once the outer wall has been breached, your supplies and other material are at the mercy of the germs and bacteria these nuisances bring.

As you can see, hot dog carts are better than hot dog stands. Hot dog carts, because of their stainless steel body are more durable to withstand the elements and the stress of the business demand. The mobility of hot dog carts allows them to reach out to a wider client base and thus be able to earn more for your income. Finally, the food stores and supplies are better protected against vermin and other dangerous bacteria carrying insects. The stainless steel allows it to repel these invaders and thus assure a cleaner and safer business. All these put together makes the hot dog cart the better business than a hot dog stand.

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