Diesel $6699


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Cooking Equipment Summary 5 NSF Steamers. All stainless pans & lids. Feed an army
SNEEZE GUARD Standard full, health approved sneeze guard
HOT WATER Propane water heater 3 gallon
WATER Pressurized 65 PSI system gives strong steady flow
FITTINGS All fittings are stainless & all hinges are stainless heavy duty
CONDIMENT AREA Built in with stainless condi-pans & lids. Built in bottle rack & bottles
Cart Body Dimensions: 42 in. wide x 50 in. long x 56 in. high
Dimensions on Trailer 60 in. wide x 80 in. long x 56 in. high
D.O.T. Compliance Highway rated trailer with 3/4 ton suspension. Heavy duty
NSF Available at extra cost
Electrical Brake and signal lights plus trailer wiring harness installed.
Cart Body 18 Gauge Stainless Steel.
Under Carriage Highway Tires plus 1 Caster Wheel
Cart Weight 450 lb. approx. empty
Security Stainless lockable suitcase locks.
Sinks 3 sinks standard, extra can be added
Fresh Water Tank 5 gallons. Can be increased
Waste Water Tank 7 gallons. can be increased
Cooler Storage Large 12 volt electric build in
Dry Storage Large top side display area plus 2 additional large spaces under counter dry storage.
PropaneTank 2 x 20 or 30 lb Tank Baskets. You never run out of propane
HI-EFFICIENCY Our carts will run 35 to 50 hours on a single tank
Gas Regulator Two stage regulator.
Burner Two 19,000 B.T.U burners with adjustable controls.
Umbrella 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella
Steamers 5 steamers pans 1/3 size x 6
Food Equipment Summary 5 Steamers. All stainless pans & lids
Additional Standard Features Cart Push Handles, Hot and Cold Pressurized Running Water.
Additional Equipment Options Large Surface Barbeque, Dual Propane Tank Baskets, Stainless Steel Side Shelves. See the Accessories pages for a complete list of optional equipment.

Cart Schematics

Schematics Diesel-3QTR

Schematics Diesel-Back

Schematics Diesel-Front

Schematics Diesel-Left

Schematics Diesel-Right

Schematics Diesel-Top.pdf