Hot Dog Cart Sinks

Sinks are a necessary feature on most food vending carts. They are a mandatory feature according to most local county health department regulations. Yet, the specific regulations regarding the exact number of sinks required on a cart varies widely across the US.

Some areas require a sink for handwashing. Some require a second separate sink for washing utensils and dishes. Still other areas may require as many as 4 sinks, one for hand washing, and one each for dish and utensil washing, sanitizing, and rinsing.

Extra Hot Dog Cart Sink $200.00 Extra Sink. A single add-on sink with mixing faucet. This is a cost effective add-on in order to meet some local county health regulations for additional hand or warewashing sinks beyond what is fitted as standard on any model of cart.
3 Section Hot Dog Cart Sink $450.00 3 Section Sink. A one piece sink unit with 3 sinks and a common single mixing faucet. This unit is ideal for washing, sanitizing and rinsing dishes and utensils.
Pump for Hot and Cold Water System (12 volt) $500.00 Pump for Hot and Cold Water System (12 volt) Enables the cart owner to meet the requirement of some health departments for a pressurized water supply on food vending carts.

Keep in mind that these options must be specified when a cart is ordered.

More Useful Information:

The State of California has even stricter guidelines and specifies the required size of the sinks as well as the size of associated drain boards. To accomodate the unique requirements of California, we have designed 2 carts especially for that state. To see more about our California Series of carts, please go to California Hot Dog Carts.

All of our carts come standard with hot and cold running water (with the exception of the Starter Cart and the Wee Willy Table Top Unit. A single sink is an option with the Starter cart). Check the individual cart specifications page for the details regarding how many sinks are fitted as standard on the cart model that you are considering. Then check with your local health department regarding their sink requirements. If they require more sinks than are fitted as standard on any cart, we can add additional sinks to meet those local regulations.

Some health departments also require a mobile food vending cart to have a pressurized water system instead of a gravity fed system. This is a standard feature on some of our carts including the A101 and the California Series. It is an option on other cart series. Please talk to our customer service team regarding this optional feature. It requires a 12 volt battery to supply power to the electric water pump.

Please see the chart below for prices and details on our additional sinks options and the optional pressurized water system.

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