A hot dog cart can actually prepare much more than just hot dogs. In fact, you can equip your cart to be able to prepare food for all three meals of the day: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.

The chart below shows some of the optional appliances that can be installed on most of our carts. These will broaden the menu offering of any cart and increase the average sale price. So if you want to add flexibilty and increase income, consider adding one of these food appliances to your standard cart.

BBQ $500.00 BBQ
Griddle added to BBQ - basic $500.00 Griddle added to BBQ – basic
Deluxe Griddle $1000.00 Deluxe Griddle
Roller Grill $1500.00 Roller Grill
Pizza Maker $1500.00 Pizza Maker
Crepe Maker $2000.00 Crepe Maker

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