The operating times and placement of a cart are two important variables to review thoroughly before beginning a hot dog cart establishment. Contacting your local business license officials is crucial. All paperwork should be properly filled and filed if your goal is to avoid penalties and stay in business.

You have to submit schematics to your local health department to prove that the cart selected meets the department’s requirements. There will be health department standards that tell you the various structural details you’ll be required to comply with, such as the number of usable sinks.

You can expect to spend as much as fifty dollars for a permit and two hundred and fifty dollars. Each county treats it differently.
Health departments for each municipality monitor disease control. A food handling course may also be a requirement. This is important even if not legally required of your business. A course to teach you how to handle food may be as short as four hours or as long as two or three full days of work. This will allow you to access all applicable local health requirements your hot dog business must follow. You are going to need to pay an extra amount to take this course. It might be obtained from the health department or from a company that is a legitimate food service.
You may need to submit specifications about your hot dog cart to the appropriate health authority. They’re trying to check if the hotdog cart meets all of their local health codes requirements. The Cart Selection section that shows the pictures of all the various hot dog carts also is the section one can download details, drawings and specifications.

A number of county health departments will require that your cart be NSF approved. NSF is (National Sanitation Foundation) Certain standard of design, operation and materials of construction, is a quality assurance agency that certifies that food equipment meets. A reputable hot dog vendor that is a leader in hot dog cart design and manufacture will find that this approval is not a problem. nsf accreditation is an added bolt on with an extra charge for the certificate for your choice of cart You must mention this when you place your order to ensure that the process, including paperwork and procedures are performed correctly on your hot-dog cart if you need NSF Certification.

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