The hotdog has been much maligned as a supposed junk food. It has been said that it lacks the essential vitamins and minerals that is needed to be a healthy meal during the day. This is quite the opposite as the hotdog ubiquitously provides a healthy and quick alternative as a meal when you are on the move because of the demands of the day.

The health content of hotdogs is as follows:

Meat. The major ingredient in hotdogs and sausages is meat or meat products. Admittedly, the content of hotdogs are not the choice cuts of meat, it nonetheless contains meat that has been ground and liquefied to be put in sheaths to form hotdogs. Thus the content of hotdogs is packed with the vitamins and minerals coming from well-fed animal parts.

Vitamins and Minerals. Largely as a response to the clamor made by consumer advocacy groups, hotdog formulations have been infused with vitamins and minerals to increase the health content of the food item. Nowadays, the hotdog formula includes vitamin A, B, B12, iron and other minerals to go along with the protein content of the meat product. This makes the hotdog a packed health food for your meal.

Salt. They say that sodium is something that should be avoided in meals. This is a misconception as salt and salty foods provide necessary chemicals for the individual’s bodily processes. These include regulation of body heat and healing. With a meal of hotdogs, you are able to obtain these essential salts for your body’s needs.

Fiber. When taken with bread, the hotdog is partnered with an important food source that an individual needs for energy during the day. The bread provides many of the important nutrients for the day. Add on the garnishing and other veggies and what you have is a complete meal from a fast food to go stand.

As you can see, the bad press that the hotdog has been getting has been far from the truth. The meat is full of nutrition, the formulation of the hotdog is vitamin and mineral packed, the salt and sodium content is the minimum requirement and the fiber provided in a hot dog meal completes a meal for an individual. As you can see, the health content of hotdogs has increased in the past decade and now it is one of the important sources of nutrition available from any hotdog vendor.

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