One of the latest food creations in the United States is the phenomenon known as fast food. Unlike the haute couture cuisine or the formal sit down dinner of the olden days, fast food restaurants have sprouted in and around the country. The fast food phenomenon showed a quick and consistent way to make a meal at low cost.

From the fast food joint, a new and faster means of providing low cost food has come to fore. This is in response to the individuals who do not have time to sit down in restaurants or walk up into fast food joints. Literally, these people eat while they work and the food they need must be as quick and on the go as they are. Here are the characteristics of the new tradesmen of the service called fast food to go:

Mobility. Unlike fast food restaurants, the fast food to go joints are mobile and simple stands or rolling stores providing quick, hot and filling food items for sale. Their mobility is what gives them their edge against the fast food behemoths. They can easily position themselves on any street corner and be able to hawk their goods.

Simplicity. The food offerings of the fast food to go stalls are simple preparations. Often, these are finger foods or simple sandwiches in disposable containers. The ingredients are simply prepared but since they are readily available as well as accessible for the individual on the move, the fast food on the go is well patronized.

Availability. The food offerings are staples day in and day out. There is not much variety in their menu. Due to the small space they occupy and the need for quick to prepare meals, the availability of their staple meals is given priority in these stalls.

As you can see, the fast food to go phenomenon has kept up with the dizzying pace of the working individual. What has been made available is food that is filling, easy to prepare and at low cost. Fast food to go entrepreneurs took this a step further by providing mobility to be accessible, simplicity in the food choices and consistent availability of staples truly makes this the business to go for the future.

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