Many management gurus would say that the biggest and most important resource of any organization is their human resources. After the initial thrill of being employed, many individuals employed exhibit a drop in their productivity either because they feel that they are underappreciated or unmotivated. To keep your hot dog business in tiptop shape, here are some tips on how to motivate your employees to help your business remain at its full capacity.

Productivity Bonuses. This may make some employers grumble, as this requires some capital outlay on the part of the owner. Do remember that this system only becomes effective when an individual employee exhibits above average performance. The system may include points for attendance, customer feedback, skills testing and overall performance reviews by peers. Once the employee meets the effective criteria, then a small raise would definitely provide incentive for not only the benefiting employee but also other members of your staff to do better on the job.

Career Path Management. It may seem laughable to many that having a career plan for hot dog concession employees in your business. This is a good incentive for individuals as this provides hope to employees in improving not only their skill set but also their overall welfare. This can be done by determining which aspect of your business requires improving skills, such as dishwashing and trash management, food preparation and then counter supervision. Having these three areas for career pathing would be a great incentive for performance improvement for employees.

Manager of the Day. Having employees perform managerial duties at certain times of the business cycle can provide an insight as to the managerial acumen of employees. You can also observe how the individual employee can perform in the high stress job of managing a going concern. Giving them a taste of how it is at the top would whet their appetite on improving their performance to eventually head their own food concession store.

These may seem to be up in the air concepts for such a small enterprise. But look at the bigger picture as these techniques would certainly help motivate your employees. Productivity bonuses would provide immediate gratification for good work. Having a career path plan also would provide employees the gusto to do better in their job to be promoted. You also can give them a taste of the reins of the managerial duties and determine if they have both the skills and abilities for it. These would certainly be good and effective ways of motivating your employees in your business and give them tools to improve themselves in the long run.

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