Hot Dog Cart Product Suppliers

It is sometimes a real challenge to find good suppliers or well priced suppliers for specialized items. We did some research. We do not endorse any particular brand or supplier nor can we guarantee their quality of supply. This has been compiled for the sole purpose of saving you time and energy. With that in mind, here is a list of potential suppliers that you can try.


Often the best idea is to source these from a local bakery or discount grocery chain. Otherwise you can order your buns from a national wholesale supplier. Here’s a list:

Rosen’s Buns

Stroehmann Weston bakeries

Wonder Bread


The following list is a selection in alphabetical order of various American hot dog cart meat suppliers in the U.S. Just click on the links provided and find a distributor or warehouse nearest you.



Dietz & Watson

Farmland Foods

Hebrew National

Hormel Foods

Oscar Mayer



Vienna beef




Maple Lodge Farms

Schneider Foods


Foil Hot Dog Bags:

These are a specialty item that can be sourced through a restaurant supply company or from a specialty paper manufacturer. Here is a list of potential suppliers.

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply

Atlanta Concession Supply

Food Service Direct

International Products

Instawares Restaurant Supply

Snappy Brand

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