Place your order with World’s Best. You will need to send a 50% down payment to start your order and the last 50% when the cart is ready to ship. Be sure to include all of your needed cart options at time of order.

The delivery will vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on order volume and supplies. You should be given an idea of delivery when you order. Use this time in between to tie up any loose ends with other suppliers, the commissary, the health department, and the location landlord. This would be an excellent time to get that food service handler training. Whether it is a legal requirement or not, it is good hands on training.

The cart will be sent fully crated for its protection during shipment. It should arrive in good condition but sometimes damage occurs. You will need to unpack and inspect it for damage and completeness when you receive it. Note any obvious damage on the transport company’s waybill before you sign it and get the driver to sign or initial the damage noted. If you have a digital camera, take pictures of the damage before you uncrate it. Call Worlds Best before uncrating a damaged cart.

It is definitely a good idea to start the cart up at home and become familiar with all its features and functions before heading out to your vending site for the first time. So put on a hot dog fest for family and friends as a trial run. This will provide a friendly patient audience and will highlight any items you have forgotten or procedures you need to practice. Ask them for reasonable realistic feedback on your product and presentation. (You should carefully choose the right friends for this trial run. You want ones that will take it seriously and give you good constructive criticism.)

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