Evaluate Hot Dog Vendor Locations.

You first need to carefully evaluate different possible locations for setting up a hot dog vending cart.  Scout out and select the best locations and check to see if they are available. You may have to pay rent to private or commercial owners for a lucrative location in a mall or parking lot. You may also need to acquire a location license in addition to your business license if you want to park your cart on a public property like a park, side walk or street. Check with your municipality for details regarding locations and permit requirements.

The best locations for a food vending cart have a lot of foot traffic. They are located near a large population of workers, visitors or shoppers. It should be highly visible and easy to access. It is even better if there are no other competing food businesses nearby. Here are some examples of possible permanent locations for a hot dog cart:

  • Parking lot of large retail store, factory, plaza, or mall.
  • Industrial park or commercial complex.
  • Park, beach, pier, zoo, golf course.
  • Downtown street corner or parking lot.
  • University, college, high school.
  • Court house, military base, government complex.
  • Office building, hospital, call center.
  • Transportation center such as bus, train, subway, airport, marina, truck stop, service station, car wash.

Note that some of these areas may be considered a permanent location in the southern states but due to customer traffic volume would really be a seasonal or temporary location in the colder northern states and Canada.

In addition to having a regular daily permanent position many hot dog cart operators set up shop at temporary locations to catch extra business after hours and get more customer exposure. These temporary venues can be very financially lucrative. Here are some examples of these that you should investigate:

  • Sporting events such as soccer, baseball, football, etc., tournaments, little league through to professional.
  • Car shows and rallies, farm shows, boat shows, air shows, industrial shows, home shows, county fairs, cultural events, carnivals, fishing derbies, auctions, parades, flea markets, music festivals, antique and craft shows, tourist attractions.
  • Grand openings, open houses, large sales events, business anniversaries, company picnics & banquets, conventions.
  • Charity events, church/club/school functions.
  • Very large construction sites.
  • Catering birthday parties, anniversaries, barmitzvas.

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