Many local health departments will not allow hotdog cart vendors to serve any dairy based condiment products such as mayonnaise, grated cheese or even squeeze bottle cheese. Some health departments will only allow condiments that do not require refrigeration after opening to be served from a cart. So it is very important to check first with your local health department for the specific local codes before beginning operations. If such perishable condiments are allowed, it is very important to follow the health guidelines to ensure that these condiments are maintained in healthy condition throughout your business day. If refrigerated condiments are allowed, keep them below the specified temperature (usually about 41°F or 4°C and below). This will of course require a thermometer to monitor that temperature.

Condiments must be kept in clean, washable containers and must be kept covered to prevent insects, dust, leaf litter, or rain to enter. Jars with screw lids may not be acceptable as serving containers by some health departments. If condiments do become contaminated during the day, the containers should be emptied, cleaned and refilled with fresh material. Otherwise condiments can always be served in those small plastic single service packages.

Do not store condiments directly on the floor or the ground. Always store foods on a shelf raised above the floor or the ground. This includes foods that are prepackaged such as some condiments. Do not store your condiments in the same cooler as meats or on shelves below meats. Do not store your condiments near any cleaners or chemicals. All these rules are designed to prevent the condiments from becoming contaminated somehow.

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